Heartland Community Hospice Foundation

About the board members

Lila Philips - President - 2018

Lila has lived in Fort Saskatchewan since 1980. Lila and husband Mark have 4 children 2 sons and 2 daughters. Lila is an entrepreneur owning several businesses here and in Sherwood Park. Lila joined the Heartland Community Hospice in 2018 after her mother need a hospice and the closest really nice hospice was in St Albert. At that time when Lila would drive there every day to see her mom, she thought of all the people that don't drive and it would be difficult for people to be with loved ones when they need them the most. So, in August 2018 we opened the first 6 beds for Heartland Community Hospice in Fort Saskatchewan. I feel God put me on this earth to help people and that is what I truly love to do.

Terri-Ann Trohubiak: Vice-President, 2016

I lived in the Fort for about 16 years and was working as a para-legal in Edmonton before moving to an acreage near Elk Island.  I have lived there for the past 24 years.  We have three kids.  My parents, and other family, still reside in the Fort.  I have served on many Boards and am an active volunteer.  Currently, I am President of The Good Hope Community League and Rural Contact for Strathcona in Bloom.  I am also a Commissioner for Oaths.  I too, have seen many on their end of life journey in hospitals and believe a hospice in our community was long overdue.  I am excited to have helped get this project off the ground as one's journey here on earth should also end full of compassion and support.

Michelle Johnston -Past President, 2016

I am a pre-school Teacher and a busy Mom of five children with my loving husband of 19 years, Darryl. I have lived in Fort Saskatchewan most of my life with my parents and chose to raise my children here. I can see the needs of our community and the blessing that Hospice would provide to many families. I enjoy being an active member of our community and truly feel the need to support and help our hospice in any way I can.

Brenda Whalen - Past Treasurer 

Has been married to Bob for 50 years.  They have 2 sons.  She's lived in Fort Sask for nearly 40 years and raised her family here.  She was a registered nurse for 52 years and helped deliver over 5,000 babies. Since retirement she has developed a neurological problem - possibly Parkinson's.  When her Father died in Rivercrest 25 years ago she noticed a lack of facilities for those who needed support in terminal care situations. It is only a matter of time before I may need assistance so she decided to help set things up at the hospice level while she can. 

Dyanna Retzlaff - Secretary

Fort Saskatchewan has been my home for over 45 years. I married my high schools sweetheart, Brad, and together we raised 2 daughters and a son, all of whom live here. I have been a realtor for the past 13 years and am proud to say Fort Saskatchewan is my home. I am very pleased to be on the Heartland Community Hospice Foundation and look forward to all future endeavors.

Robert Whalen - Board Member, 2019

Danielle Homeniuk

I have 2 teenagers and am getting re-married this year to the love of my life. I have been an RN for 22 years, working in the ER for 15 years and now I am in Public Health. 

I have had 2 grandfathers and 1 grandmother that have paussed in a hospital setting. I understand the need to have a comfortable care setting for the patient, as well as the families through their difficult time. My Mom who was a palliative care nurse and a chaplain, has been an inspiration for me. I would be honoured to help in any way to the Heartland Community Hospice

Brenda Jacobs - Board Member 2019,

My family moved from Manitoba to Fort Saskatchewan in 1959 and I grew up here and raised my 2 boys as a single mom.  Both boys now also live in the Fort – a place we all call home!! 

In March of 2018 my mom became very ill and after two months in hospital, ended up in Rivercrest Nursing Home. She passed on May 8.  That day my whole family was at the Nursing Home and the staff didn’t know what to do with us.  There was nowhere for us to go and just be. While we waited for mom to be removed from the Home; we just hung around in her room and in the hallway and main lounge area.  It was heartbreaking and we knew we were likely disturbing everyone there, but what to do with us??  It was later in the evening and it was very hard for all of us and very trying for the staff.  We talked about how nice it would have been if there had been some place for us to go.  After that I saw something in the Fort Record about the Heartland Hospice Foundation and I knew that was what I needed to do.  I was finally able to join the Board in 2019.  It is just a small way for me to help bring the privacy, peace and serenity I wish we had the night mom passed. I know she would be very pleased at the progress this Foundation has made and the changes we plan to make in the future


Alayna Pierce - Board Member

I believe end of life should be the most supported and beautiful part of life. Our systems currently do not do a great job at this and I would love to be a part of something that adds that extra layer to pearce in palliative care. 

I am a mental health therapist, and a business owner in fort Sask. I lived in the community for years and absolutely love the sense of community the fort boasts. My life is rooted in family and rural Alberta and I am always up to contribute to being a part of great causes

Kym Barrett - Board Member

I have been and continue to be employed as a Registered Nurse for 12 years now. I currently work Rural ER, Acute Care and some Long Term Care. I have both a professional and personal passion for palliative care. Unfortunately my step dad passed from terminal brain cancer. I also have many palliative patients at my place of work. I feel that end of life should be as comfortable and peaceful as possible, however sometimes there is a lack of resource to be able to do so. I have seen bits and pieces from the Heartland Hospice over the years and look forward to learning more about it and hopefully being able to help in some way!


Leanne Scott - Treasurer